About Valerie

Hi, I’m Valerie Hunt!

Photo by Chih Cheng

I am a Pose Method Certified Running Coach in Austin, TX

I have been a full time strength and endurance coach for over 20 years. I opened my own training studio in 2001, becoming a CrossFit affiliate in 2011 after discovering CrossFit Endurance.

I have been coaching the Pose Method of running for over 10 years, attaining Master Level Coach in 2011. I have enjoyed watching runners be able to continue running injury free, and become more efficient by learning Pose Method.

Now that I’m combining skill (Pose) with strength and conditioning (CrossFit), my runners are regularly setting new personal records in their training runs and races.  Improving your skill and strength will be able you to train more efficiently (less time) with better results.


Education:  B.S. Kinesiology, Minor in Nutrition, UT Austin, 1994


  • Master Pose Running Coach
  • PoseMethod Triathlon Coach
  • CrossFit Coach
  • CrossFit Endurance Coach
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