RUNATX – Austin, TX Running Coach

Get faster and stronger. . .faster!

Would you like to run faster? run longer distances? run injury free? RUNATX is here to provide you with hiqh quality skill training that will get you to your goals faster than traditional training plans. RUNATX provides you with the skills needed for you to run faster, stronger and injury free. You will learn to move correctly (PoseMethod), get video analysis on your running and progress at your level.

Headed by Valerie Hunt, Master Level Pose Coach and CrossFit Level1 coach, with 23 years of coaching experience. All RUNATX coaches provide high quality skill based coaching to take you to the finish line faster, stronger and injury free.

We focus on 4 main aspects of training:

  • POSE Technique Running (skill)
  • Quality endurance programming
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Recovery and ┬áInjury Prevention (Mobility)
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